trainingWhether you realize it or not, any time you spend awake with your dog is time that you spend training. This can sometimes lead to problems, like the dog learning an action or being reinforced for a behavior that you don’t actually want them to do. (A common example for this would be paying attention to a dog who’s jumping up on you for attention: even pushing them away or yelling at them to stop jumping is reinforcing their attention-seeking behavior.)

This page serves as a hub for our training entries and we hope that you will find the information found here to be interesting, informative, and maybe even helpful. However, as we say in our disclaimer, online information is great but it is never a substitute for working with a qualified trainer and we recommend that you enroll in a training class to learn the basics if you’ve never trained a dog.




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Are you communicating clearly with your dog? Clear communication means using one specific sound (or word) for one specific action or object. This post gives a short primer on correctly using language when training dogs, and also has a handy list of the big five dog commands (sit, down, stay, come, and heel) in a variety of languages commonly used in the training of working dogs.


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