reviewsWe live in a commercial age where any products you might dream up in your imagination, from cooling vests to slow-feeding bowls, are already available for consumers to buy. On this page, we post links to some of the items we have tried and reviewed to let you know how they compare to their marketing hype, how they stack up to other products on the market, and whether or not they’re a good buy for the money.

Do you have a product you’d like us to review? If you’re on this page because you represent a product or a company, and you’d like us to test and review some of your products, please read this information (it’s at the bottom of this page, in case the link doesn’t work) before contacting us.



Product Reviews

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Dog Toys

Dog Treats

Dog Equipment

Gun Dog Supply’s 1″ standard leather collar
Champion Canine Design’s 1″ Moonglow collar
Outward Hound Cool-It Bandanna
Gramercy Distribution, Inc. Cool Vest
GlacierTek ChillyDog & ChillyPup

Grooming Products

FURminator de-shedding tool


Children’s Books

“Lucky – A Dog’s Best Friend” by Gus Clarke
“The Costume Party” by Victoria Chess
“Saving Sinbad!” by Michael Foreman




Request a Review

We love to try out and review new products, so if you’re a representative for a product or company, please don’t hesitate to contact us and see if we can test and review your latest dog gadget, grooming product, treat, or book. Before you send us an email, however, you’ll need to be aware of our simple review “rules” to save you (and us) a lot of time:

All items must be dog-related:

  • dog equipment: collars, leashes, backpacks, cooling vests, boots, etc.
  • handler equipment: training vests, clickers, scent boxes, etc.
  • dog-related items: grooming supplies, children’s books, training manuals, books about dogs, etc.

There are some things we do not review:

  • dog food
  • nutritional supplements
  • novels (in which the dog does not play the primary role)

What we promise:

  • we will test the item in a reasonable amount of time, usually within 2 weeks
  • we will give an honest, unbiased opinion on what we think about the item
  • we will post the review to this page and link it on our network (Twitter, Facebook, Google+)

What you promise:

  • you send a new, unopened, unused item for review
  • you let us keep the item after review and/or give it away on our blog
  • you won’t get offended if our honest review is not what you expected



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