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When we first started having dogs, we wanted to ensure that any dog who lived with us had a chance at a long, happy, healthy, and active life. As with any new dog owner, that meant having a steep learning curve ahead of us, taking all of the information that’s out there with a grain of salt and healthy skepticism, and taking from it what worked for us and our dogs.

This page serves as a hub for our health and care-related entries and we hope that you will find the information found here to be interesting, informative, and maybe even helpful. These articles are based on our experiences and the things we’ve learned over the years, but as we point out in our disclaimer, online advice is never a substitute for quality veterinary care. So, please – if you’re worried about your dog’s immediate health, call your vet.



Health & Care

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Questions & Answers

Frequently asked questions
Finding a boarding facility
Why do dogs howl at sirens?
What dog is right for me?

General Health Care

Basic dog anatomy
The cons of spay/neuter surgery (external link)
Canine Inherited Disorders Database (external link)



Nutrition & Feeding

Is your dog fat or fit? (external link)
Fat vs Fit – Learn about body condition scoring and how to keep your dog lean and healthy.
Should you see a dog’s ribs?
Dog Food: so many choices
Raw feeding 101


How to trim a dog’s nails
How to prevent shedding

Hot Weather Safety

Keeping cool in summer – General information about handling hot weather
Effects of heat on dogs, part I – Introduction to my summer heat study
Effects of heat on dogs, part II – Results of my summer heat study & product reviews

Consumer Warnings

Hartz & Sergeants


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