educationEducation is one of our primary missions and the main reason why our website exists. This page gives us a chance to provide materials that can be used in educational settings and at home to teach about dogs’ body language, dog safety and dog bite prevention, and to educate businesses and organizations about Therapy Dogs and Service Dogs, how they differ, and what their rights are.

This page serves as a hub for all educational entries and we hope that you will find the information found here to be interesting, informative, and maybe even helpful. We want you to use this information and the resources we provide here in your school, club, and organization, but please make sure you check out our copyright information first. If you’d like to use any of these materials commercially, please email us first.




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General Information

Dog Coat Color Genetics (external link)

Canine Body Language

Dog to English translation chart (printable 8.5×11″ flyer)
Canine body language images

Dog Safety & Bite Prevention

Dog Safety coloring pages
Dog Safety do’s and dont’s coloring pages
Safe Dogs, Safe Kids coloring pages

Service Dogs

What You Should Know About Service Dogs (printable 8.5×11″ flyer)
ADA Requirements: Service Dogs (external link)
ADA Business Brief: Service Dogs (external link)
ADA Service Dog Frequently Asked Questions (external link)
ADA Service Dog Frequently Asked Questions, 2015 Update (external link)
ADA National Network Service Animal Booklet (external link)
Service Dog Laws by State (external link)

Therapy Dogs & Emotional Support Animals

Differences: Service Dog, Therapy Dog, Emotional Support Animal (external link)


6 Responses to “Educational”

  1. Kathybuell Says:

    Could you please find a way to allow me to get a copy, full size, of Dog English Tranlation chart, so I can read the fine print that doesn’t come up on this copy. Would like to share it with others. Thank you

    • DFDK9 Says:

      Hi Kathy – all the fine print actually does come up on this graphic. When you click the link, it gives you a preview image of the chart. When you point your cursor at the image, you should get a little magnification glass icon. Click on the image and it will come up as full size. You can also right-click on the link above and select “save link as” and this will allow you to save the image at its full size to your computer where you can zoom in and out as you like. 🙂 Hope this helps.

      (I removed your mailing address since I didn’t think you would want everyone to see it.)

  2. nancy bernard Says:

    Working on Mac with a track pad, and can’t download as PDF. We’d like to use the body language poster at our off-leash park, as there are people who fail to recognize fear, aggression, etc., leading to some scary situations. Trying to make it objective…Thanks!

  3. M. Stewart Says:

    Your coloring pages are broken links. Do you have them stored anywhere else?

    • DFDK9 Says:

      Yes – they are broken links because we have removed our old image host.

      We are in the process of re-designing our website (and overall web presence) with more materials moving to our Facebook page.

      There is currently no expected date that the coloring pages will be available again. We have not yet decided which downloadable materials we will re-publish as they have been used in violation of our copyright in so many places.

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