Rose Bowl

Added 1 January 2014: Please note that the write-up below is about the Rose Bowl last year (2013), not the Rose Bowl this year. We’re not affiliated with this year’s Rose Bowl K-9 float, either.



You may have found this website through a Google search after seeing the Military Working Dog float in the Rose Bowl Parade on January 1st. I’d love to welcome you to the page and I certainly hope you enjoy it, but to be really clear up front, I also need to point out that DFDK9 (Dogs for Defense K-9) is not at all affiliated with the Rose Bowl Parade float!

I did not see the parade, but from what I gather, the logo at the front of the float said “Dogs for Defense.” The logo in question actually says “Dogs for Defense Save Lives” and it is the logo for the Military Working Dog Teams National Monument, which inspired the float. That organization’s website is located at The actual float was put together by Dick Van Patten’s Natural Balance Dog Food, which, along with PetCo stores and Maddie’s Fund, is a corporate sponsor of the National Monument.

Of course, I would love it if you bookmarked this website or liked us on Facebook, but I don’t want you to think that DFDK9 was represented in this year’s Rose Bowl Parade. Please do take the time to check out the great organization that was, the Military Working Dog Teams National Monument, and if you have some money to spare, please contribute to their great cause!

So, you might wonder, what is this “Dogs for Defense K-9″ about, then? Well, we are a very small group of dog owners and handlers located currently at Fort Drum in upstate New York. We are all either military or military family members with an interest in dogs and working dog history.

We do a number of different displays and talks on dog-related topics, which include the history of military working dogs, working dogs in general, therapy dogs, and dog safety. Our members are available to speak to school classes, educators, civic organizations, and really anyone who’ll invite us and wants to learn more about dogs. We also take our display to living history events / reenactments for the public to see and touch artifacts, ask questions, and see our demonstrations. Here’s an example of our living history display, from last year’s Soldiers Through the Ages at Old Fort Niagara. And here are some of the materials we use to teach dog safety to young children that you can download and print.

I hope you enjoy this page, but please send your support and/or donations to the fine people at the Military Working Dog National Monument, as it was their float and publicity that brought you here!

Thank you!

Also, check out this great video about the Rose Bowl Parade float. It has some background about the float and the organizations that brought it to you in the parade today!

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